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Gachagua tells courts to stop tolerating the LGBTQ campaign

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked the judiciary to stop tolerating LGBTQ campaign in the country.

Last week, the Supreme Court okayed the registration of LGBTQ association in the country, drawing sharp criticism from Kenyans, including members of clergy and political leaders.

President William Ruto and his deputy Gachagua have since said same sex marriages have no place in the Kenyan society.

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“We will not accept those bad things that allow a woman to marry another woman or man another man because it is an abomination. We will only support marriage between men and women and we are saying that if you don’t want to get married it is better to remain single,” Gachagua said on Friday during the opening of the annual Agricultural Society of Kenya show in Eldoret.

He also told off western countries for championing and attempting to coerce other countries to embrace LGBTQ issues.

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“We had chased them, as a son of Mau Mau we don’t want them to make us angry… The west should not anger us because we don’t want those issues,” he said.

The DP said the Kenya Kwanza administration will not entertain LGBT issues in the country.

“We want to ask our courts that they should not approve issues that contravene our religious beliefs, culture and customs. Those who want to engage in those issues can relocate to those countries that allow them to engage on those issues. We will remain firm on this matter,” he said.

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Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei on his part dismissed reports that the US government gave out Sh16 billion to coerce Kenya to support LGBTQ issues.

He castigated the opposition for spreading falsehood that the US government coerced Kenya to allow registration of LGBTQ community.

“We want to laud President William Ruto and your excellency deputy president for standing firm against LGBTQ. There was propaganda sponsored by Azimio that the Supreme Court’s decision was influenced by the monies given by the US government,” Senator Cherargei said.

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