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Gachagua asks Mama Ngina to share vast land with Mau Mau

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has lauded Kenya’s former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta for coming out to support those who are in need.

The DP said that it is not late for the Kenyatta family to take part in charity work in the country.

He asked them to donate some of their land to poor Kenyans who are jobless, including the Mau Mau fighters who he said are homeless.

“What we are asking them is to help Mau Mau fighters in a meaningful way. They should consider giving away even if it’s half of it to Mau Mau fighters and their children, I included,” said the DP.

The DP said a chunk of land owned by the Kenyatta family is idle, being a habitat to wild animals while some of the freedom fighters are being buried in public cemeteries due to lack of land.

“It’s too much. If they can consider even half of that land they took from Mau Mau, if they need my services, I can organize it so that we could talk.”

His remarks come a day after Mama Ngina hosted Field Marshal Muthoni Kirima who visited her to thank her for helping her family, including settling her Sh4.7 million bank loan and buying her a house.

During the event that took place at Mama Ngina’s Muthaiga home, the former First Lady asked the government to consider honouring people who fought for the country’s freedom.

“I’m praying for a lasting peace in this country and know that we brought it from far, that is why we are here,” Mama Ngina said.

Early this month, Ms Kirima cut her dreadlocks which she had kept for more than 60 years, saying that the move was prompted by the government that met some of her needs, which remains unclear.

“I cut my hair because it has been a long journey. I started keeping this hair in 1952 and after more than 70 years, I needed to get rid of them (dreadlocks). I now feel like a young girl. Most of the Mau Mau fighters took a vow that they will never shave until the country gained independence,” said Ms Kirima said.

Last month, a group of people invaded part of the Kenyatta family-owned Northlands City and stole livestock.

The invasion was condemned by several leaders as the police promised to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book.

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