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Gachagua warns Moses Kuria, David Ndii over social media rants

By Mercy Simiyu September 17th, 2023 2 min read

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has issued a stern warning to cabinet secretaries and government advisors, urging them to exercise caution and humility when addressing the people of Kenya.

The President’s remarks come in response to recent exchanges between public servants and Kenyan citizens on social media regarding the spike in global oil prices.

The DP who is just from an official visit to Colombia, said, in a statement on social media, that he had closely followed developments in Kenya, particularly the discussions surrounding the soaring oil prices, which have affected the country as part of a global trend.

Expressing his concern, the President emphasized the need for public servants to maintain decorum and sensitivity in their interactions with the public.

The DP reminded government officials they were appointed by President William Ruto, who, in turn, was elected decisively by the people of Kenya.

As such, they are considered employees of the Kenyan populace. He stressed that addressing the public with arrogance is both inappropriate and insensitive.

“Leaders must be mindful of the challenges Kenyans are facing, especially during these difficult economic times,” President Gachagua stated. He further emphasized the importance of responsible leadership, empathy, and inspiring hope among the citizens.

The DP further encouraged a servant leadership approach, echoing President Ruto’s call for humility and dedication in serving the people.

He urged the people of Kenya to understand the issue of rising fuel prices is a global concern and reassured them that the government is committed to finding lasting and sustainable solutions.

The DP also clarified the statements by a few leaders do not represent the official government position or that of President William Ruto.

He reaffirmed President Ruto’s commitment to addressing the economic challenges facing the nation.

The DP’s comments come at a time David Ndii, President Ruto’s Economic Advisor, had earlier indicated on social media that Kenyans had been let down by promises from ‘greedy’ politicians. He also suggested the country is in the worst possible financial situation and would require ‘pain’ to ressucciate it.

Also, Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria reacted to public outcry over the rising cost of fuel in the country by suggesting the cost of fuel would further rise, and those disattisified by the development should ‘sink their own oil wells’

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