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Gallant NMG woman helps stranger give birth in taxi

When Doris (she refused to give her second name) left home for work, she never imagined her world would be changed by total strangers.

Midway through her duties, the baby in her womb started kicking and she sensed she was about to deliver. She hurriedly got a colleague to call a taxi. Little did she know Ms Everlyne Atieno was her guardian angel.

Ms Atieno, a Nation Media Group employee, had finished her duties and was heading home around 5pm when she heard a woman scream in a car outside Nation Centre.

“I watched from a distance, I thought there were some robbers trying to attack passengers inside a taxi,” she said.

But this was not the case. Immediately, I saw the driver of the taxi jump out, running and screaming pleading for help.

“The man was shouting, ‘A woman is about to deliver, kindly help’,” Ms Atieno said.

She heard security guards whispering that there was a woman who was delivering inside a taxi and needed medical assistance. They were wondering how to help.


“I rushed to the car and I found a woman. She looked very strong and was pushing out the baby,” Ms Atieno added.

She says she immediately dropped her bags and took her lesso, which she used to cover the woman and assisted her to deliver the baby.

“ I held the baby, it had already fallen in the car seat. I covered it, I also helped the woman in the other processes before the doctor and the nurses arrived,” said Ms Atieno.

“I don’t know the woman, but she smiled after she delivered the baby,” she said.

Shortly, other women came in to cover the vehicle to ensure there was privacy for the woman.

The scene where a woman gave birth to a baby boy while in a taxi. PHOTO | FAITH NYAMAI

The woman is said to be an employee at a microfinance company in town.

She delivered a baby boy.

Ms Atieno said, this is the first time she has experienced such an incident, but being a mother, she had to help.