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Gambling husband surrenders his wife to friend after losing Manchester derby bet

A man is all set to lose his wife to his betting partner for an entire week after he lost a bet on which team would win the high-octane Manchester derby on Saturday night.

A hand written agreement between the two Tanzanian gentlemen has been widely shared on social media with each of them pledging to give up his wife to the other for a week in the event of a loss for either Manchester City or Manchester United.

While Nairobi News could not authoritatively authenticate the gentleman’s agreement, one of the two men now stands to lose his wife following Manchester United’s dramatic fight back to win the derby 3-2 and keep their city rivals’ title celebrations on hold for a little longer.



In the agreement, one Amani Stanley, presumably a Manchester City fan, places his unnamed wife as collateral in the event his team lost, while a certain Shilla Tony likewise agrees to surrender his wife to his friend in case Manchester United lost.

“I hereby promise to give away my wife for an entire week to my brother Tony Shilla if Manchester City doesn’t win the league title against Manchester United. I’m of sound mind and Ive not been coerced into this agreement,” the Manchester City fan pledges.

The other party makes a similar pledge at the bottom of the page with both gamblers signing the agreement.

This agreement, if indeed authentic, is the latest case of a select group of passionate fans who shun money as their ambling currency and instead place wagers on other collateral, often their personal property.