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Game-Changing Potty Training Tips for Moms, According to Influencer Shikie

Ah, potty training—one of the many adventures in the rollercoaster of parenthood. Influencer Shikie, known for her relatable parenting content and practical advice, recently shared her latest journey in potty training her youngest. With a wealth of experience and a relaxed approach, she offers some invaluable tips that have made a significant difference. Here’s a glimpse into Shikie’s game-changing potty training tips that every mom needs to know.

Embrace the Experience with a Relaxed Mindset
Potty training can be quite the experience, and Shikie emphasizes the importance of staying calm and collected. “This time around, we’ve been a lot more relaxed in our approach,” she shares. Here’s why:

Experience Matters: Having done it before, Shikie feels more confident and less stressed about the process.

Early Start: Starting earlier than she did with her first child has given her more flexibility.
Work From Home Advantage: Unlike the 9-5 grind, working from home has allowed her to integrate potty training more seamlessly into daily life.
Despite a few accidents, her child now asks for and mostly makes it to the potty—a huge step forward!

Get Everyone Involved
Potty training is a team effort. Shikie emphasizes the importance of getting everyone on board. Even her older child, Tshazi, plays a role in this process, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for the little one.

Potty Time is Family Time
In the early stages, Shikie made a habit of going to the bathroom together. This not only helps the child get acquainted with the process of taking off pants and using the potty but also reinforces the idea that it’s a normal part of daily life.

Convenient Potty Placement
To make the transition smoother, Shikie kept the potty in the living room—the room they spend the most time in. This accessibility made it easier for her child to get to the potty quickly, reducing accidents and building confidence.

Constant Reminders
“Remember to go potty” and “Do you need to go potty?” became mantras in Shikie’s household. She admits to saying these phrases an average of 2,682 times a day! Frequent reminders are key to helping your child recognize the signs that they need to go.

The Right Potty Can Make All the Difference
An unexpected motivator for Shikie’s daughter was switching to a toilet-shaped potty. “She even ‘flushes’ it,” Shikie says, with a smile. The potty, from @tashbabystore, even has a cushion, making it comfortable and appealing for the little one.

Establish a Potty Ritual
Having a consistent routine can work wonders. Shikie’s potty ritual involves a series of steps: pee, celebrate, wipe, empty, and “flush” her toilet. This ritual not only makes the process fun but also creates a sense of accomplishment for the child.

Be Prepared for Sleepovers
Consistency is key, even when your child is away from home. Shikie ensures there’s a potty at her family’s home, where her child goes for sleepovers. This preparation helps maintain the potty training routine, no matter where they are.

Patience and Intuition
Shikie acknowledges that every child is different. “I can’t tell you how long potty training will take or the right time to start,” she admits. Trusting your instincts and being patient is crucial. Every child will progress at their own pace, and that’s perfectly okay.

Potty training can be challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, it can also be a rewarding experience. Shikie’s game-changing tips offer practical advice and a sense of camaraderie for moms navigating this milestone. Remember, it’s all about progress, not perfection.