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CCTV footage reveals how gangsters stole shopper’s handbag inside Mombasa mall – VIDEO

Police in Mombasa have launched a massive manhunt on five gangsters who were caught on CCTV stealing from a foreigner at City Mall in Nyali, Mombasa.

The gang, which includes two women, was caught in the footage on Friday night stealing a bag containing travel documents, Sh75, 000, 200 Euros and jewelries belonging to a British woman.

Kisauni OCPD Christopher Rotich said the gang escaped using a car parked near the mall.

“The five are part of a gang which has been operating at the City Mall and stealing from people residing in Nyali. Two weeks ago we arrested two members of the gang and now we are pursuing the five and we will bring them to book because we already have crucial leads on the same,” said Mr Rotich.

He said police have obtained the CCTV footage from the mall and are profiling the faces of the five suspects.


The CCTV footage seen by the Nation, shows the two women coordinating with two male suspects to steal the bag.

One of the male suspects is first seen to be engaged in a phone as he pulls the bag from the restaurant that the British woman was seated in.

The man, who was in a cream shirt, then slowly pushed the white bag before his female accomplice picks it up.

The female suspects are throughout the robbery seen talking on phone.

A second male suspect, who is dressed in a blue shirt, is seen engaging security officers manning the mall entrance in a conversation, probably to distract them.

Minutes later, the four accomplices casually walk out of the mall, each of them using different directions. The suspects are reported to have met at the waiting car before driving off.

Mr Rotich said the car whose number plate was also captured on CCTV was being tracked.