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‘Ganja president’ seeking Kenyan citizenship for his American wife and kids

Presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah says his family is in the process of acquiring Kenyan citizenship and join him in the country.

Prof Wajackoyah, who is running for president on a Roots Party ticket, disclosed that his wife, an American, lives in the United States, while their kids reside in the United Kingdom.

“I have children and an American wife. She lives in the United States and our grown-up kids live in the United Kingdom,” Wajackoyah told Citizen TV.

Wajackoyah is among four candidates who have been cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries (IEBC) to run for president in the August 9 General Election.

Although largely considered a ‘lightweight’ in the presidential contest, Wajackoyah has been stirring up endless controversy with his pledge to legalise marijuana, if elected president.

He says marijuana, which he claims he has never smoked, remains the country’s gold that needs to be exploited to catalyse the nation’s economic growth. Wajackoyah has in the past asked the church not to judge him, has also challenged the clergy to look at the benefits of the plant.

Another promise he has made is to upscale snake farming for the production of antivenin. He argues that marijuana and snake farming can generate sufficient revenues to help offset the national debt, which currently stands at Sh8.4 trillion.

“It’s not only Marijuana, we’re introducing snake farming so that we can actually extract snake poison for purposes of medication,” he is on record for saying.

“A lot of people are bitten by snakes in this country and we have to wait for snake doses from outside the country from pharmaceutical organizations. We have so many snakes in this country and we have so many snake eaters (abroad). One of the ways we are going to offset debt is by taking these snakes, extracting poison from them and manufacturing anti-venom and then shipping the reptiles to other countries where they are consumed,” he added.

Wajackoyah, 61, kicked off his campaign with a vow to have corrupt judicial officers sentenced to death, if elected president.

“Judiciary is one of the biggest stumbling block in realising aspirations of a prosperous nation. I will adopt a style whereby if you suspect yourself to be corrupt, we encourage you to kill yourself or if we try you and you are convicted, you be killed,” he said.

Other controversial pledges he has made is to relocate Kenya’s capital city from Nairobi to North Eastern and to suspend the constitution for a period of six months.

On Thursday, Wajackoyah, who picked Justina Wamae as his running mate, said he will unveil his 12-point manifesto on July 2.