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Ganja president Wajackoyah to ‘sell dog meat to China’

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah now says he will export dog meat in a bid to raise funds to pay off the country’s debt.

He spoke at a public rally in Kakamega at the weekend.

Wajackoyah who has earned the moniker Ganja president has already vowed to introduce snake farming if elected president in the August 2022 polls.

“My government will export snakes and dogs to make more money to pay off our debts,” he promised.

The renowned lawyer and former police observed the demand for dog and snake meat in China, a country that, incidentally, is owed the most by Kenya.

Kenya’s national debt currently stands at Sh9 trillion.

Wajackoyah’s candidature has been met by a buzz specifically among the youth, ever since he promised to legalize the cultivation and sell of marijuana.

And while in Kakamega, he said he will convince farmers in the area who plant sugar cane to switch marijuana.

He also vowed to deport Chinese nationals doing business in the country so as to make room for the youth.

Wajackoyah maintains he was recently offered Sh200 million and convinced to quit the presidential race but rejected the idea.