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Outrage over dumped garbage at Dedan Kimathi monument

Concerned citizens were scandalize on Friday morning after a pile of garbage was found dumped at the historic Dedan Kimathi statue along Nairobi’s Kimathi Street by unknown people.

A photo of the statue with the garbage at its based was widely shared social media prompting many Nairobians to vent their anger over the startling incident on Facebook.

Incidentally, this comes at a time when the Nairobi county government is facing harsh criticism for its failure to clean up the city.

However, the question that remained unanswered was why anyone would do such a thing.


“To me this is a funny serious case, forgive me but I just feel like laughing, yaani mtu au watu wanajiita kamkitano Wanaonelea the only best way to go is to do this? Very childish,” Pauline Maina wrote on Facebook.

“And for your info should investigations be done nothing will come of it because at this time CCTV cameras around the area will be reported to not be working,” Joyce Chagarii commented while Kabira Janet said, “Seriously am so disappointed. Before we blame anyone, Kenyans need to be responsible in terms of garbage management.”

Francis Nguma said, “It is and it shows how far some people are from civilization. Some people will remain poor simply because of how they think and reason. Nairobi will remain even after Sonko is done with his term.”

“Is this how things in this great city of Nairobi work: Collect ordinary garbage, ignore sabotage garbage!” wondered Kenneth Karumba.