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Garden City: Mall for low and mighty

The real estate industry in the city is experiencing a boom. Each day there is new construction.

From hospitality places, apartments to shopping complexes, businessmen seem to be keen on making worthwhile investments in the city.

The latest addition to Nairobi’s high-end building projects is Garden City. The mixed real estate development is estimated to cost Sh26.1 billion.

Located at the northern side of Nairobi, Garden City is envisaged to offer a one-stop shop for residents and travellers.


The project is expected to heighten competition along the eight-lane Thika superhighway that plays host to Thika Road Mall (TRM), located just a few metres away.

The Garden City mall hopes to attract the over 1.5 million people in the middle and upper- income class living in the Pangani to Thika area.

Once the Garden City project is completed, Nairobians will be have a place to have fun, shop, run their banking and day-to-day errands, dine and wine all under one roof.

“This pioneering mixed-use scheme is located on the Thika Superhighway, nine kilometres from the central business district.

The expansion of the Thika Highway reflects the fact that northern Nairobi is becoming a convenient alternative to its overcrowded neighbours,” said Koome Gikunda  Actis – sub-Saharan Africa’s private equity real estate investor and the backers of Garden City.

The construction will comprise a 50,000 square metre shopping mall and 420 apartments on a 32 acres.   Construction started in July and is expected to be complete by 2017.

The first phase will involve building of two-thirds of the shopping mall and 80 housing units.

This phase is set to be completed come end of 2014.