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Gaucho asks Raila to endorse Kalonzo for presidency

Self-proclaimed ghetto president Calvince ‘Gaucho’ Okoth has called for unity among the youth in the opposition’s Azimio la Umoja coalition.

He made the rallying call at a church service attended by among others, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

The youthful leader, known for his hard hitting speeches against President William Ruto’s government, thanked Mr Musyoka for supporting him during the tough political times he has endured in recent times.

Gaucho also noted that several lawmakers skipped the recent countrywide anti-government protests called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

“Kalonzo Musyoka asked me to participate in the protests, but then I noticed (during the protests) some MPs from Nyanza stayed away,” he explained, in reference to lawmakers from Mr Odinga’s stronghold who’ve to warm up to President Ruto.

Gaucho shared his own experiences as a source of inspiration.

He opened up to how he has recently been targeted for criticism, and even accused of receiving bribes from government.

“Despite living in a modest house, I have faced accusations of being paid by the president (William Ruto) and even experienced physical violence (as a result), all without receiving actual payment. I have an issue with the former president who promised to meet me but hasn’t followed through.”

Gaucho also appeared to call on Mr Odinga to endorse Mr Musyoka for the presidency ahead of the 2027 presidential elections.

“Once Raila endorses you, rest assured that we will offer our unwavering support throughout the process,” he said.

Gaucho urged the youth to unite and overcome divisions, as they face similar challenges in their daily lives.

He highlighted the importance of solidarity and warned against any attempts to harm both himself and Raila Odinga, asserting that severe consequences awaited those who dared to lay a hand on them.

He was referring to a recent claim by Mr Odinga that his life was in danger after his official car was reportedly shot at during the anti-government protests.

“If anyone attempts to harm you and Raila, a revolution is on the horizon. There have been threats against Raila, and those who dare to touch both of you will face severe consequences.”

Gaucho rose to fame as the self proclaimed Bunge la Mwananchi president who continously threatened President Ruto’s government of protests should it not curb the rise in the cost of living.

He has since appeared to fall out with a number of politicians with Mr Odinga’s circle and recently claimed he was attacked and beaten by unknown people in a move that left him hospitalized.

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