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Gaucho speaks after ‘Baba’s’ Sh40,000 cake was tear-gassed

A viral video circulated widely across social media platforms, showing police officers throwing tear- gas against supporters celebrating the birthday of opposition leader Raila Odinga on January 7.

In the video, people dressed in the opposition coalition’s purple and orange colours were seen singing birthday songs around a cake mounted at a tent near Kenya National Archives in the Nairobi city centre.

However, tear gas canisters began blowing up at the main table where the cake and cutlery were placed as the crowd and nearby traders rushed away.

The cakes were decorated with a political message that read, ‘Cut VAT’, ‘Cut Turnover Tax’ and ‘Cut Housing Levy’, among other phrases, while atop them, a miniature Kenyan flag was mounted.

Among those present was Calvince Okoth aka Gaucho who is also known as the Ghetto President.

Speaking to Nairobi News about the incident, Gaucho expressed his disappointment, saying that, “the government is just afraid that when people gather together, they might demonstrate.”

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In response to inquiries about the cost of the cake and the funding for the event organization, Gaucho stated, “We purchased the four-tier cake at a cost ranging from Sh30,000 to Sh40,000. It was a gesture of our affection for Baba.”

On the other hand, he noted that Raila’s supporters contributed the little they had just to buy a cake to celebrate him.

“Everybody was just giving whatever they have. People gave as per their standards. We were able to raise between Sh60,000 to Sh100,000 and the rest of the money after buying a cake was used for set-ups and other minor things.”

Gaucho, who was instrumental during Azimio la Umoja One Kenya anti-government protests that were aimed at lowering the cost of living, noted that everyone has a right to celebrate and that the police had no right to throw tear-gas at them.

“We were just celebrating. Why do that to us?”

The Sunday incident sparked widespread discussions across various social media platforms, prompting leaders associated with Azimio to condemn the incident strongly.

ODM unveiled an extensive itinerary outlining the locations for nationwide cake-cutting ceremonies to commemorate Raila Odinga’s 79th birthday.