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Genetic or mere coincidence? Delight as twins score same marks in KCPE

By Reginah Kinogu November 20th, 2019 2 min read

Identical twins in Nanyuki scored the same marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination released on Monday, in a rare case that has left their family, teachers and locals delighted.

Mark Teric Gachau and Maxwell Gachau, who were candidates at St Christopher School in Nanyuki, got 400 marks out of the possible 500 marks.

The 13-year-old boys were among the 12 students out of the 76 candidates in the school who got 400 marks and above.

“I am very happy and proud of my brother. I knew that we would perform well but I never expected that we would have the same marks because we do not perform the same in school,” Mark said.

According to the school head teacher Agnes Nkiria, the two scored different marks in exams previously.

“They did not exactly tie in the exams. Mark Teric was index 008 while Maxwell was 022. They performed well since Maxwell would get around 390 to 400 marks while Mark Teric never went below 400 marks,” she said.

For Maxwell, his motivation came from his parents who supported him and his brother and also the competition from his brother.


“When we were in lower primary I was always ahead of him but then when we got to class four he started competing with me and it has been that way ever since,” he said.

Maxwell’s favourite subjects were Mathematics and CRE and he hopes to join Mang’u High School and thereafter pursue a career in aviation as a pilot.

Mark does not have a favourite subject since he believes that all of the them are important and necessary for him to achieve his dream of being a Doctor.

He hopes to join Alliance Boys High School, which he says is his dream school.

Mark said that he hoped to get 440 marks but was contented with what he got saying that he was ill and did not go to school for the second term.

“I expected more than what I got but I was out of school for the second term, which took me some time to catch up but am happy that my health is restored and that I still did well,” he said.

He attributes his success to his brother and parents who supported him throughout the time he was sick saying that they helped him keep up with school.

“My parents supported me when I was sick. I know that it was tough for my brother as well but he continued to help me keep up with school and I’m grateful,” he said.

Ms Nkiria described the boys as well behaved, disciplined, responsible active in co curriculum activities and public speaking.

“They are active in sports. They play tag rugby and swimming. They also participate in drama and public speaking. They are disciplined and well behaved,” she said.

Other top candidates in the school include Faith Nyambura (422), Telvin Mulei and Sheree Nyaguthii with 420 marks.

The school has a mean score of 359 marks.