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Gengetone group, Ochungulo Family part ways

By Hillary Kimuyu February 13th, 2021 1 min read

Gengetone group, Ochungulo Family have parted ways after a three-year stint together.

The group, consisting of D More, Nelly the Goon, and Benzema, issued an official statement on Wednesday saying their decision to part ways and pursue their own work was “a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward.”

“We have reached a point we have different goals and targets,” the statement added.

They thanked their fans for contributing to the group’s years of success.

“We want to say thank you for the support you have given us in the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us and the music has been good to us.”

Benzema has been prepping for his solo career since before the group announced the split, having done a series of hits and collaborations including Foto Moto, Paka Permit, and most recently, Bypass.

Ochungulo Family’s YouTube Channel has since been transferred to Nelly the Goon.

Having earned 158,000 subscribers, all past music content on the channel has since been deleted.

The trio will be remembered for remixing and popularizing an audio of a girl speaking in heavy Meru accent that went viral and inspired countless songs.

In the audio, the girl is asked to say “Big G imekulwa na dogii” but ends up saying “Mbinginjii imekurwa na ndogii“.

The trio of the Ochungulo Family, who were the first to release a song titled ‘Mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogii’ with the girl’s audio as the chorus, tracked her down and promised to pay her year’s school fees.

Some of their popular songs include Kaa na mama yako, Aluta among others.