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Geoffrey Oteki:Juggling sports and academics

Many think it is difficult to excel in both academics and sports, but not Geoffrey Oteki.

The 22-year-old is a classic example of how you don’t have to put down books because of talent in sports or the reverse.

His case is even more difficult because he is studying two demanding courses and playing basketball, an equally sapping sport.

He was voted the Most Valuable Player during the recently-concluded Zuku Basketball Tournament and also walked away with the top scorer’s award. Oteki led the University of Nairobi’s Terrorists to a 72-68 win over Mount Kenya University – Nakuru.

He stirred the crowd with his brilliant performances during the intense battle especially with MKU’s lanky defender Eddy Anyang frustrating UoN’s attacks throughout the evening of the final.

“That was one of the most memorable nights in my  career. It was sizzling and explosive and we thank God we won,” he said.

Oteki plays for two clubs and studies at two universities. He plays for Strathmore University, which is in the Kenya Basketball Federation League, and he is a member of the UoN’s Terrorists squad which plays in the Zuku Basketball league.

Two universities

If you thought that was hectic, there is more to come. He is also a student in the two universities.

He is a second year at UoN studying Actuarial Science and ACCA at Strathmore University.

“It is a challenge balancing academics and sports. So far, everything is going well,” he said.

He started playing basketball while at Riara Primary School for fun. It was in 2006 while at Alliance High School that he began taking the sport more seriously.

“I had the option of either playing rugby or basketball. I chose the latter and have never regretted the decision,” he told NairobiNews.

Oteki made it to the first team at the end of his Form 2 and by Form 3 he was already the captain, leading the school to various honours while also getting individual ones.

“It was difficult balancing school work and basketball in the initial days but with time, I devised a way through which to balance and it worked”, he said.

At Aliiance, basketball, hockey and rugby were the main sports at the school.

“The home base was awesome and the atmosphere very exciting. It was an honour playing for the school,” he said.