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Embakasi West residents can’t believe MP Theuri is now blaming them for poor roads

Embakasi West MP, George Theuri, is yet again courting controversy after he blamed residents for the poor state of the roads in his constituency.

In a Facebook post, the flamboyant and showy legislator sought to know why the residents are always quick to say that the roads are in deplorable condition yet the residents are the main cause of road degradation.

“We are quick to conclude how our roads are in deplorable conditions but do we take time and think we are the main cause of this problem. Until when we shall change our ways we still have a long way to go… change starts with you and me,” Theuri wrote.

The MP also shared several pictures of women doing laundry in their houses to justify his claims that the used water when poured outside damages roads.

His comments, however, didn’t go down well with the residents who urged him to do a better job and to stop working on social media.

“It’s the responsibility of the landlord to make drainage in the plot. It’s your responsibility to make drainage on the roads. Moi Drive is a mess and it’s not because of water from the clothes. We can tolerate bad roads inside estates but not on the main road,” said one Fredrick Isinuard.


“So the big pot holes we have in all the roads are caused by this? Where is the planning sector coz these houses are constructed without the drainage system? Someone is sleeping on his/her job,” Boniface Kiruthu commented.

“What is mhesh struggling to say. Too much face booking and equally a lot of good work on Moi Drive. My vote was a waste,” Wilson Kingori wrote.

“Make good roads with good drainage,” Okong’o Nyakundi commented.

“Tell the landlords and landladies to build their houses in such a way that there is drainage. You can’t stop tenants from doing laundry,” said Lunn Kish Braidist.

But there were also a few voices in support of the legislator.

“What you people don’t understand, is that the soapy water interferes with tarmac. If you wash clothes and pour the dirty water in the toilet, roads will be better and last long inside the courts. The water over flows from the courts and into the main road. Change srarts with you!!!” advised Anni Njeri.