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How George W Bush melted hearts with show of affection for Michelle Obama

Former American First Lady Michelle Obama and former President George W Bush once again stole the show during former President George H W Bush’s funeral service.

President Bush handed Michelle what looked like candy replaying a scene they had during former senator John McCain’s funeral service in August.

The two enjoy a warm friendship that in the past President Bush has attributed to Michelle’s appreciation of her sense of humor.


During McCain’s service, Bush passed a cough drop from his wife Laura to Michelle and the internet went crazy, replaying the scene over and over.

As he led the Bush family into the cathedral for his father’s funeral service, President Bush could be seen retrieving something from his left hand pocket.

He then shook the hand of President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, President Barack Obama before transferring the candy from his left hand to his right hand and greeting Michelle with a cheeky smile.

He went on to greet the Clintons and the Carters before taking his seat on the front row of the other side of the aisle.