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George Wajackoyah blasts Mutahi Ngunyi over state funding claims

Roots Party leader George Wajakhoya has dismissed claims that his campaign was funded by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The accusations were made by Mutahi Ngunyi, a political strategist and former technical adviser to President Kenyatta.

Mr Ngunyi suggested the government covertly funded Wajakhoya’s campaign to create discord within the political landscape.

Specifically, Mr Ngunyi claimed the government-funded Mr Wajackoyah’s manifesto launch and ensured it happened at the same day and time as that one of then Deputy President William Ruto.

Now, the Roots Party, of which Wajackoyah is the party leader, has issued a statement and rejected the assertions made by Ngunyi.

The party characterized the claims as baseless and lacking any foundation.

Additionally, the statement emphasized the party’s commitment to principled politics, stating it does not endorse or engage in tokenism, and that the accusations were an affront to their values.

“These remarks are baseless, unfounded, and an insult to our party. Roots party is a National party and does not subscribe to tokenism,” the statement reads.,” the statement read.

The political outfit also seized the opportunity to reiterate its dedication to achieving economic empowerment for Kenyans.

Furthermore, it cast doubt on Ngunyi’s motives, suggesting his recent shift in allegiance from former president Uhuru Kenyatta to President Ruto might have influenced his statements.

“For a man who survives on intellectual harlotry and peddling false political conjectures, it’s the least worrying that he will use our party to kneel before Mr Ruto,” the statement reads in part.

The controversy was sparked by a revealing interview given by Mutahi Ngunyi to NTV, where he provided insights into the challenges faced by President Ruto during the final years of President Kenyatta’s tenure.

Ngunyi made the sensational claim the government had surreptitiously funded George Wajakhoya’s high-profile campaign to provoke Mr. Ruto.

Ngunyi’s exact words in the interview were, “We funded Wajakhoya’s (presidential candidate) launch.” This remark has generated considerable attention and skepticism, leading to intense debate within the political sphere.

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