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Georgina Njenga defends move to separate from actor Baha

By Freya Wanjiku November 1st, 2023 2 min read

Georgina Njenga has responded to critics suggesting she should have remained in her relationship with Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, for the sake of their child.

In a recent TikTok video, the content creator expressed herself by lip-syncing to a well-known vernacular song, providing a clear and heartfelt explanation through the musical piece.

In the accompanying text, she addressed the advice she had received, stating, “Them: ‘You should have stayed for the baby.’ Me: ‘We do not marry because of children but because of love; children come as a gift from God,’ while syncing her lips to the lyrics of the song.

In a previous interview, Georgina asserted that a child should not be the sole reason to remain in a relationship that was not working. She said, “A child should not be a reason to stay in a relationship, you can co-parent. Tyler loves his daughter and he is in her life. I knew that he would be there even when I was pregnant.”

After dating and living with each other for years, the ex-lovers welcomed their firstborn child in May 2023 months after their relationship tanked.

Georgina announced the split with her baby daddy, a popular actor on the Machachari show. In a Q&A session, a fan asked, “Are you and Tyler Mbaya still together?” to which she responded, “No, we broke up.”

However, she maintained that the decision to part ways was mutually agreed upon and that it was driven by a multitude of underlying issues.

“There was no specific reason, it was just not working, there were just piled-up issues, there are a lot of things that you people do not know,” she disclosed, refraining from delving into the specifics of those issues.

Additionally, she explained that they even tried to involve their family in a bid to salvage the relationship. “You know when you have tried talking for so long and it reaches a point where you decide we can’t anymore.”

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