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Georgina Njenga opens up about her viral photo leak

Digital content producer Georgina Njenga has shared her experience after discovering that intimate photos of hers had been leaked online.

She revealed that her child’s father, Tyler Mbaya, was the one who informed her about the unfortunate incident.

Speaking about the challenging time, Georgina expressed gratitude towards Tyler and her mother, acknowledging them as her pillars during the ordeal. She explained that she had three years to prepare for the eventual leak, making her reaction less shocking or upsetting.

The revelation came about when a curious netizen raised the topic, questioning how Georgina coped with the situation and whether she knew the identity of the person responsible for the leak.

“I don’t think I’m in a good position to name whoever leaked those photos because that’s probably what he wanted,” Georgina responded.

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She emphasized her unwillingness to disclose the identity of the perpetrator but expressed her intention to discuss certain aspects of the story without revealing names.

Georgina recalled enduring abuse for three years before taking action against the individual involved. She detailed how the threats began in 2020 when she and Tyler went public with their relationship.

Despite her initial fear, Georgina had prepared herself for the possibility of the leak, guided by Tyler’s advice that it would happen sooner or later.

“When it happened, I had already made peace with it. Tyler was telling me, ‘It’s going to happen one day, whether it’s tomorrow, next week, next year, or in 10 years, you can be sure that it will happen,'” Georgina shared.

Tyler, Georgina’s child’s father, was the one who discovered that the photos had been leaked and broke the news to her. Despite the initial heartbreak, Georgina had already accepted the situation and focused on dealing with public reactions.

Georgina also highlighted the support she received from her tribe and her mother during this challenging period.

Despite keeping the incident a secret for three years, her mother played a crucial role in providing support once the news broke publicly.

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