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Gervinho attempts to ‘smuggle’ blonde chic into Italy

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 26th, 2014 1 min read

Ivory Coast forward Gervinho is well-known for being a very talented player with a penchant for ball dribbling and upfield forages.

But the same player is also known to be very erratic, especially in decision-making and passing range, as manifested during his stints at Arsenal in the English Premier League and French club Lille.

But could the 27 year old (real names Gervais Yao Kouassi) have proved all his critics right with his recent actions?

According to an Italian publication forzaitalianfootball, the Roma player is said to be the subject of a new scandal at the Felic Houphouet Boigny airport in Japan.


The site claims that after playing for Ivory Coast last week in a 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match, Gervinho found himself in a trouble for attempting to smuggle a women to Italy.

Gervinho’s club had provided the Ivorian a private jet to return back to the Italian capital immediately after the match against Cameroon. However, the footballer allegedly turned up at the airport in the company of a blonde (Mpango wa kando in Kenyan lingo)

And that is not all. Gervinho is reported to have bribed four Ivory Coast airport staff to ignore the fact that his female companion wasn’t authorized to board the flight.

The player then tried to convince the pilot to carry the “extra baggage”, a suggestion that was turned down by the pilot who had strict instructions to return only with the player.

The pilot eventually had his way with the lady being left behind, thus exposing Gervinho for who he truly is, an erratic football star.