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Get it right men, pills will help you to plan your life

By NJOKI CHEGE December 12th, 2013 2 min read

“Forgive me for my bluntness, but what type of contraception do you use?” I posed this question to a few male colleagues and was met with blank, bewildered looks.

Some of the men were confused, others offended and even amused.

In about ten men, six said the most common method of contraception they used was condoms. Two told me about vasectomy, one said withdrawal and another abstinence (hahaha)!

The issue of contraception and family planning has for a long time been a taboo topic. Couples only talk about it when the lights are off or when they discover that they are expecting a child they had not planned for.

Contraception is wrongly classified as a woman’s problem, and how or when she deals with it is her choice. I always assumed that it was the illiterate men who don’t give a damn about contraception, but how wrong was I.

My colleagues are educated, polished and exposed young (and old) men, whom after talking to them, believe that contraception ‘ni kazi ya mama’. (a woman’s job).

Family planning

Well, I got news for you. Without a man, there is no contraception. no babies and definitely no family planning. Men need to realise that contraception is not a woman’s business, but a family issue.

Scientists say that there are very few contraception options for men – besides condoms and vasectomy – but that does not give them a reason to excuse themselves from the issue.

Most men hardly know about the more than ten methods of contraception available, and it is evident from my workmates, most of whom only know about condoms.

The good news is, while there are limited options for men, there are several available for women.

Consequently, men ought to take this opportunity and accompany their partners to clinics to choose what is the best for them.

Sadly, women complain that their partners not only refuse to use condoms but also don’t discuss contraception.

Men’s fear of contraception has everything to do with the myths and misconceptions that contraception kills a woman’s libido, causes cancer and affects fertility. Contraception also makes a woman grow fat and also causes birth defects.


All these and a few other lies are what have been making men shun contraceptives.

For once, we need to get the facts about contraception. The truth is, contraception brings peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about unplanned pregnancies and that way, you are able to plan your life and family.

I am sure we all want that for ourselves and our partners. The first step? Ditch the myths and start talking contraception!