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Getting rid of acne: Azziad shares more tips

TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya has in a recent video update shared tips on how to get rid of acne.

Having suffered from acne at one time, Azziad dedicated quite a lot of time to taking care of her skin while sharing with her fans on social media fans her healing progress from time to time. 

“When you love your skin, it loves you back. Let’s rewind. As 2022 comes to an end, I would like to appreciate my skin for being patient and cooperative with me because dealing with acne can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster,” she said. 

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“Few things I have learned this year. Seek professional help. Know what works for you and what doesn’t because we are all different. Patience, consistency, it’s been a long journey, and we are still keeping on,” revealed the content creator,” she went on.

In September 2022, Azziad, in another detailed video shared her acne journey and how far she had come. Seven years later, she is steadily recovering from acne that was proving uncontrollable.

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Her acne grew worse when she was in Form Two, and like any other high school student, she was down for any idea that got proposed including toothpaste and aloe vera.

In 2020 she decided to see a dermatologist, but it didn’t work. On to the second dermatologist, the prescriptions worked, and her skin cleared up, only for her to have an unpleasant backfire.

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A persistent Azziad resolved to try monthly facials in 2022 and see where it would lead. Having begun the facials in March and daily medication, it was until July that she saw a glimmer of hope.

She noted that her acne is genetic and her trigger was too much protein intake. She boasts about the confidence that she wears as a crown, whether her skin is acting up or not.

Azziad also noted that most brands have chosen to work with her due to this encounter. Here are a few tips that she shared:


  • See a dermatologist.
  • Seek professional help.
  • Undergo a skin test before using products.
  • Be diligent in your skincare routine.
  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Be patient, and most importantly, be confident in your skin.


  • Avoid poking your acne.
  • Don’t listen to online dermatologists.
  • Don’t sleep with your make-up.