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Gideon Moi spotted with mzungu bodyguard on campaign trail

Gideon Moi has been spotted with a mzungu bodyguard while on the campaign trail.

In photos he posted on his social media pages, the influential politician was seen with a white man providing security on his car during a public rally in his Baringo home turf.

The bodyguard is donning a green attire, a black cap and mask of similar colour.

Moi is contesting for the Baringo senatorial seat for a third time having been voted in for the first time in 2013.

Prior to that, Moi who doubles up chairman of the Kenya African National Union (KANU), served as Member of Parliament for Baringo Central from 2003-2007, just like his late father.

He is the last born son of retired president Daniel Moi who passed on in 2020.

The younger Moi who was officially anointed to replace his dad on the political front, is also known to have deep pockets and has been whispered as a future president of Kenya.

He’d announced his presidential ambitions ahead of the August 2022 polls sacrificed the same in favour of Raila Odinga.

Moi will face off Felix Kiprono Chelaite of the Service Party, Florence Jelagat (independent) and David Kipruto (independent) and William Cheptumo of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).