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Gideon Moi: Uhuru will support me for president in 2022

By PETER MBURU February 5th, 2018 2 min read

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has exuded confidence that President Uhuru Kenyatta will support him in the 2022 presidential election.

Mr Moi, who is also the Kanu chairman, said he was in good terms with President Kenyatta, who formerly belonged to the party.

In an apparent reference to his journey to the helm, the senator said “Mr Kenyatta knows what he will do when that time comes”.

However, his sentiments seems to contradict the President’s, who has consistently said he will support his deputy William Ruto to ascend to power in 2022.

During last year’s campaigns while touring the Rift Valley, President Kenyatta told his supporters he had confidence in Mr Ruto. He said the DP was the right person to succeed him.

Mr Moi has been engaged in supremacy battle with the DP in the scramble for the leadership of the Kalenjin community.

The  senator was speaking on Sunday during his elder brother Raymond Moi’s homecoming ceremony at Rongai, after he was re-elected as MP.


Trans-Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba and other Kanu leaders who attended the event urged Mr Moi to declare his stand for the top seat and begin making steps towards the 2022 race.

“Since your people have asked you to go for the top seat, I urge you to start walking,” Mr Khaemba said.

The senator, however, stayed away from the President’s recent Cabinet appointments that have raised concern among the party’s followers.

Mr Moi maintained that he was in good terms with the President.

“I assure you that I do not have a problem with the President. Let us give him space because currently, he has a lot of issues. We should support him,” Mr Moi said.

But party officials led by Secretary-General Nick Salat accused the DP of ensuring that they received a raw deal in the appointments for his 2022 presidential bid interests.

“We respect the President a lot and he knows that, but I cannot understand why Kanu was left in the cold,” said Mr Salat.