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Gift ideas this Christmas

1.Branded changing mug
This is a perfect gift for those who like the element of surprising their loved ones. During presentation it appears like an ordinary mug but wait till the recipient puts it into use and specifically pours a hot drink in it then an image or message to them is revealed. It is available in companies that specialize in branding.

Branded changing mug
Branded changing mug

2. Branded ink pen with a 2015 diary
The package is great especially for corporates wishing to thank their clients. It is personalized and will definitely be treasured by the recipient. The pen can bear the name of the recipient and his title while the diary can have more details added like from who presented the gift. The package can be ordered locally from the companies that do branding.

3. Engraved wallet
This can be for both men and women with a touch of personalization through engraving the name of the recipient. A wallet is a must have for every person and this kind of a gift will always remind them of you as they carry it everywhere.

4. Lady gift hamper
The hamper can be a collection of the following items that most women fancy; a designer perfume, a chain with their name as pendant and a makeup kit. A gift hamper with clothes can also play out well especially if you know the fashion preference of the recipient.

5. Gents gift hamper
This needs a lot of creativity for an impression to be made strongly. You can combine the following items in the package; a leather belt, a wrist watch and a designer perfume for men. A fashion gift hamper with a slim fit shirt, matching tie and classy cufflinks will also make the gift memorable.