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Gift of love! Jamal gushes over daughter with Wangari

Businessman Jamal Marlow popularly known as Jimal Rohosafi, has gushed over his daughter with Wangari Thiong’o.

In a post on Instagram, Wangari shared a photo of herself, Jamal, and their newborn.

She revealed his name as Amal J Ibrahim.

Jamal responded by saying, “Gift of love♥️.”

Having unveiled their relationship on Valentine’s day, Jamal posted, “Nilisema nitapenda after three years na ni kama imeenda haraka. (I said I would fall in love after three years but it seems time has moved fast).”

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In the same post, Wangari gushed over Jamal, saying having him was the best decision she ever made.

“We are celebrating more than our Valentine’s, the best decision we ever made was having you,” she wrote.

The latter was rumoured to be Jamal’s lover, but the two claimed that they were best friends and insisted that their relationship was strictly friendship.

To cement their ‘friendship’ during Wangari’s birthday, Jamal posted her captioning, “Happiest birthday to my best friend, continue being the amazing person you are.”

However, months after, Wangari revealed her baby bump, and sooner than later, the cat was already out of the bag with her confirming that the father of her unborn baby was Jamal.

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Jamal’s love life has not been a smooth sail with two of his past relationships all ending in tears. Before Wangari, Jamal had Amber Ray and Amira with whom he has two children.

Amira, ended her relationship with Jamal after he began dating Amber Ray.

Their relationship was short-lived with Amber Ray on the other hand parting ways with Jamal in 2021.

She (Amber) would get back to her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo and hold their traditional wedding.

Weeks after the two love birds announced they were expecting their first child together.

On the other hand, Jamal has been at loggerheads with Amira with the two exchanging words on their social media pages.

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