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Girl, 14, runs from Dagoretti home, leaves letter claiming she’s not appreciated

A 14-year-old girl last week went missing from her fathers’ house in Dagoretti after leaving behind a letter that narrated how she felt unappreciated for her performance in school exams.

The girl was with her father in the house on July 7 when she excused herself to go to the toilet and never returned.

According to her father, the girl took too long in the toilet and when he went to look for her she was gone.

The girl left behind a letter to her father  in which she claimed he never appreciated her efforts in studies.

She said she was ‘eloping’ and told her father not to bother looking for her.

“I’m sorry dad for disappointing but I had to do so… But this is my decision. I have already made my mind up no turning back. Wherever I’ll be do not search for me. I’ll be fine wherever I’ll be.”

“My Main reason for me to do this is becasue whenever I do my exams you have never appreciated, all the time you have just making (sic) me feel have lost hope in this life of education.”

“…For me I have decided education is not the key. Only my God can be able to know who I will be in future.”

“I love you Dad you are my hero. Thank you for the seven years education that you have give (sic) me. Hope one day I will repay you all the money you have spend (sic) on me.”

At the end, she thanked her siblings and told them that she loves them.

The matter has since been reported at Mutuini Police Station.

The family requests anyone with information on her whereabouts to report to the nearest police station.