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Girl sexually assaulted in dormitory seeks justice

Police in Meru are investigating an incident where a Form One student claims to have been sexually assaulted at Kirigara Girls Secondary school in Meru.

According to the student, she was sexually assaulted by unknown people in the school dormitory on Friday at 2 am. They inserted a tissue paper in her private parts and left her unconscious.

She reported the incident to the administration at around 6am and was taken to hospital at 7pm.

Central Imenti police boss Elijah Maina said police have received the complaint and the matter is now under investigation.

“The matter is now under investigation to establish the truth and take the appropriate action,” said the police boss.

Police on Monday morning took the student to Githongo Sub county hospital for medical tests to aid in the ongoing investigations.

The student who spoke to Nairobi News recounted how she was waylaid by more than three hooded people as she was going to the toilet.

“It was on Friday at 2am when I woke up to go to the toilet. I was hijacked by several people who had covered their faces so I didn’t recognize them. They applied some substance on my nose which made me lose conscious,” the girl said.


When she regained her consciousness, she found herself in a different dormitory, naked, with aching breasts and bleeding private parts.

“I sleep at Mercury one dormitory but I found myself at White house dormitory. I was also naked,” she said amid tears.

The student said she first reported the matter to the school Nurse and asked her to report the case to the principal.

“Our principal is tough; I could not approach her. She also could not have believed me. I urged the nurse to do it on my behalf,” she said.

The Nurse was directed to investigate the incident, but the they declined to take her to hospital claiming that she was pretending to be injured.

She was, however, taken to Meru Level Five hospital later in the evening where the bloody tissue paper was removed from her genitals.

“The deputy principal accused me of plotting to taint the school’s image and risking teachers’ jobs. I was forced to lie for the principal to allow me to go to hospital,” said the girl.

She said the Deputy principal requested her to keep quiet about the incident to save the school’s image.


“Wachana na hii mambo iishie hapa kwa sababu ikitoka nje, shule inaweza kufungwa ama pia sisi tufutwe kazi (Please do not tell anyone about this incident. It can cause the closure of the school. Some of us may also be sacked),” she quoted the Deputy principal.

On Saturday, her mother was called to school by the Principal over “an urgent matter”.

The mother who sought anonymity said she was denied to see her daughter until 1am.

“I was afraid that something tragic had happened to my daughter because I was not allowed to see her from 4pm until late in the night.

My daughter has problems walking and she is very fearful. I want to see justice done for my child,” she said.

She was released from school on Sunday when they recorded statements with the police.

“I told the police officers the truth,” she said.

On Saturday the Principal Julia Wachira declined talking to the media but her deputy denied the claims.

“Those are just but allegations. We don’t have such cases in our school. Our dormitories are well secured,” she said.

On Monday, the student was referred to Meru Level Five hospital for further tests. Meru Level Five executive officer Dr James Kirimi could not be reached for comment.