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Girl who framed father for rape seeks help to continue with education

Dorcas Mwende, the girl who framed her father Julius Wambua for alleged rape has asked well-wishers to help her continue with her education.

During an interview with the local media station, the 24-year-old Mwende said she had already registered for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education but cannot afford to pay her fees.

“I have even registered for KCSE this year, but I am not prepared because I cannot afford to attend classes. So, if there is a well-wisher who can sponsor my education and after form four I will join the University by God’s grace,” Mwende said.

According to Mwende, her education came to a halt after the imprisonment of her father.

“My education came to a halt immediately my father was arrested and jailed. Thereafter, I lacked anyone who could have sponsored my education,” she added.

Wambua spent 10 years at Kamiti Maximum Prison after his wife, Jacqueline Nzilani, accused him of defiling her.

Wambua’s life sentence was, however, quashed by a court in December 2020 after Mwende admitted to framing him in a plot allegedly hatched by her mother.

During the interview that happened on Tuesday, Mwende further asked well-wishers to help her father start over after losing everything he had when he was incarcerated.

“If there is a well-wisher who can help my father, he has nothing, he has no home, no cloth nor food. He lost everything he had. We will appreciate the help,” she added.