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Girl who was abducted and raped for eight months gives birth to baby boy

By HILARY KIMUYU October 14th, 2018 1 min read

The 16-year-old girl who was abducted by her neighbour and defiled for eight months has given birth.

The teenage student gave birth to a baby boy at Tigoni hospital in Kiambu County on Saturday, according to the mother.

The mother, Ann Wanjiru, said that her daughter started developing what she suspected were labour pains on Thursday and she rushed her to hospital.

“I received a call this morning (Saturday) from the hospital and I was told my girl had given birth. I was relieved that she did not develop any complications,” said Wanjiru.


The family had given up on ever finding her after she disappeared eight months ago in Ndeiya, Limuru.

The girl was found earlier this month locked up in a house by their next-door neighbour.

The girl was rescued from the house by villagers after one of them noticed strange goings-on in the mud-walled structure.

The neighbour had on several occasions seen the owner of the house leave early in the morning carrying a bucket.

When neighbours stormed the shack, they found the girl dazed, emaciated and distressed.


She told her family that she was lured into the house on her way to school after being tricked into helping her abductor carry a bag of potatoes.

But on reaching the house, she said, she only remembers being hit by a strong chemical-like smell before she passed out.

She was fed one meal a day as the man sedated and continuously raped her.

The student was later taken to Nairobi Women Hospital where it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Police are still looking for the suspect who has since gone into hiding.