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Bishop: Idolatry claims not meant to embarrass church

Bishop David Muhia Githii denied that he claimed devil worship, idolatry and homosexuality were rampant in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa to embarrass it.

The former PCEA moderator who faces a defamation suit said his remarks were guided by his desire to see the church reform and turn back to God.

“My comments about the evil practices were made out of love and not to castigate the church I have served for over 30 years,” said the Rev Githii.

PCEA claims his allegations tarnished its image and left officials with little option but to engage in an intensive public relations campaign to undo the damage. It is seeking orders stopping the Rev Githii from making such comments.

The bishop however said that PCEA ought to confront problems that were afflicting it instead of attempting to cover them up, which was not in-keeping with Christian scriptures.

He said granting the orders sought by the church would only bar him from pointing out ills that were bedevilling the church, a responsibility he said that stemmed from his vocation as a minister with a responsibility to preach the Gospel and point out evil influences in the entire body of Christ.

“The problem that I am pointing out, that of homosexuality and devil worship is not unique to PCEA church but is a problem that has been acknowledged worldwide,” said the Rev Githii.

Satanic symbols

He added that from as early as 2004, he raised concerns at the General Administrative Committee, and the General Assembly over the practice of homosexuality and existence of satanic symbols in church buildings.

“Some of the symbols such as the former church logo were removed as well as other symbols at St Andrews Church in Nairobi,” said Bishop Githii.

The preacher also said he raised concerns about the church’s continued association with the Presbyterian Church of America which had embraced homosexuality.

“Therefore the concerns that I have raised with the church are not new and are well documented in the reports,” said the bishop.

The Rev Githii caused a storm when he resigned from the church in April citing the allegations.

The case will be heard on June 4, 2014.