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Githunguri residents tell Wamuchomba to vote against Housing Bill

Githunguri residents have besieged their Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba to vote against the Housing Bill. The residents asked the lawmaker to fight for them in parliament by not passing the bill.

Their remarks come a day after Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga spent a day on TV trying to convince Kenyans the why bill is good for them.

Further, they told the first-time parliamentarian to be brave enough to vote ‘no’ when the bill comes to parliament.

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“Vote no! And if they you do not succeed against refuting the bill, it will go down history that Gathoni Wamuchomba defended the common mwananchi,” one resident told her.

According to Hinga, the programme will solve Kenya’s housing market, which he termed as broken.

The programme will compel people in formal employment to contribute 3 per cent of their basic pay (capped at Sh2,500) to the fund.

President William Ruto has meanwhile been drumming up support for the bill because the country has a housing problem with 6 million people living in the slums.

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The Head of State also said the project will employ Kenyans and give them a roof over their heads.

Terming the housing project as a mortgage for hustlers, President Ruto said the proposal would give low-income a chance to own homes.

The president has expressed optimism that the bill will sail through, and it should not be treated as a tax, rather it is a national plan that will take something small from basic salaries to provide employment for those without jobs.

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