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Githurai killer cop jailed for 15 years over murder of suspect

Former police officer Titus Musila Katitu has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing a suspect in Githurai five years ago.

Katitu will however serve 12 years in custody and the remaining three years on probation. The sentence will further reduce after Justice James Wakiaga said the four years he spent in custody should also be considered.

Mr Katitu was convicted of killing Kenneth Kimani at Githurai bus stage on March 14, 2013.

According to Justice Wakiaga, the suspect did not deserve to die the way he did.

He said the victim was well known in the area but the cop should have protected the society by arresting him, if it was true that he was a robber.

The judge said the case raised sensitive issues on the popularity of the former officer, the public attitude towards criminals.


He said the trial was not about the popularity of Katitu, whether the person he shot was a well known robber or the officer killed the victim’s brother, but about the unlawful use of firearm.

He said the former cop had powers to arrest the suspect and the law is clear on circumstances under which the police can use his firearm.

The judge said the policeman should have identified himself and give a clear warning. Instead he shot him dead at close range.

The Judge said no police has the right to take the life of a suspect unless under circumstances provided for in the law.

“Having taken into considerations the stands to be a stern warning on misuse of a firearm. The society’s view on the crime. 15 years will adequate, 12 years should act  as a warning to the police on misuse of firearm and 3 years later to be served in probation,” the judge said.