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Githurai man wakes up to a missing manhood after denying wife sex

A man in Nairobi’s Githurai 44 area had his manhood chopped off by his angry wife after he denied her sex.

The 32 year-old man from Gatundu said he had had a quarrel with his wife of six years the previous night, but had seen no indication of what she would do hours later after he had fallen asleep.

The man told Nairobi News that he woke up at around 3 a.m. after feeling like he had wet the bed.  To his horror, he was greeted by a bloody scene when he switched on the light, with a part of his manhood missing.

“I had taken a lot of alcohol the previous night so I felt like I had wet the bed. But when I reached out to touch the bed I felt something sticky like blood,” he narrated to Nairobi News.


“She had gone away for two days after we disagreed over the weekend, and when she came back on Monday, she said I must have sex with her to prove that I loved her,” he said.

The man refused to get intimate with her and instead gave her Sh1, 000 for their daughter’s school fee.

He then went to bed at around 10 p.m. leaving his wife still awake in the house.

The woman has gone missing since the incident. Her parents who live in Embu say they have not heard from her because her phone is off.

The man said he walked himself to a nearby clinic, leaving his daughter alone in the house.

“When I woke up, I just covered myself with a bed sheet and walked to this clinic as I was feeling weak and a lot of blood was coming from the wound,” he said.

It is only later on Tuesday mid-morning that he sent some friends to check on his daughter.

The man’s biggest worry now is whether he will be able to have children in future. He blamed his drunkenness for the whole episode.


The doctor attending to him, Dr James Mugo said the patient is scheduled to undergo a reconstructive surgery on Wednesday.

“For today we have managed to stop the bleeding and transfused two pints of blood because he lost a lot of it overnight,” he said.

It is only after the surgery that the doctor will ascertain whether the man will be able to have children in future.

The man’s mother and grandmother who visited him at the hospital wept uncontrollably when they saw what had befallen him.