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Give us part of my son’s loot for his burial, slain man’s father appeals

The family of one of the four young men whose bodies found dumped in Kijabe Forest now claims their kin led an honest life and he would ask for as little as Sh100 for upkeep.

At the same time, father of Frank Obegi has requested the government to be given part of the cash that his son is believed to have had to help the family cater for burial arrangements.

“Hapa mumeona nyinyi wenyewe hatuna chochote… hata kutoa mwili Nairobi City Mortuary kufikisha hapa ilikuwa shida. Hata sai hatujapata sanduku… hizo pesa zake mingi alikuwa nazo, kama zinaonekana mahali zitolewe kidogo tupangie matanga yake,” Mr Evans Mose said.

Earlier, the grieving father had said his son had told him he sold air tickets to earn a living.

“I thought my son sold air tickets online. That is what he had told me when he left home in February. But now that he has been found dead, I am also shocked by what led my son die to die this way,” he said.

Obegi’s body was found alongside those of Elijah Omeka, Fred Obare and Moses Nyachae at the Kijabe Forest having been badly mutilated.

On Twitter, some users claimed that Obegi led a lavish lifestyle that he showed off on his social media although the source of their money had been a mystery.