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Glenfiddich ambassador speaks about whiskys, his career in media and Nairobi life

By THOMAS MATIKO December 16th, 2018 2 min read

Glenfiddich global brand ambassador Struan Grant was recently in the country for a one-week launch exercise of the new 21-year- old Scotch Malt Whisky.

His visit wasn’t only about the launch of the new brand, but he also conducted training session with bartenders in some of Nairobi’s high end clubs and hotels.

Nairobi News had a chat with Struan on his Nairobi mission as Glenfiddich Ambassador.

Karibu Kenya. Is this your first time in the country?
Not really, I came here this last year as well for marketing of the Glenfiddich brand. Other than that my history with Kenya goes way back. My parents lived and worked here in the 70s before going back to Scotland.

In your bio, you were once in radio and TV?
I worked on radio and TV in the UK when I was young and I guess it helped me gain experience in media which has really helped me in things that I do now. You know with this job I do a lot of TV and radio brand and marketing awareness

You are a certified chemist, how has your expertise impacted on your Glenfiddich ambassadorial role and the Whisky industry.
Its helps with an understanding of how it is made and processed. Quite a lot of what we do with Whisky is education based, teaching people at the more background of the product.

What is unique with the new Glenfiddich 21-year bottle you launched on Thursday night?
It’s a rum cask finish, 21 year old so it is very old. One of the oldest whiskies we brought here in Kenya. It’s been really well received in Nairobi which is great. In terms of its flavor, it’s showing a lot of age so it’s a very smooth and sweet. I really like it

You like it but your favorite as per your bio is the 12 year old, why?
It’s like an old friend because it’s everywhere. It’s the whisky that puts us on the map. The 21 year old is not your every day whisky. It’s for an occasion unlike the 12 year old one.

If you to describe the 12, 15, 18 and 21 year old bottle how would it go?
21 year is a vibrant orange old finished off with rum has sweet flavor and tropical compared to 15 year old which has depth or the 18 year old which is bold because of the sherry.

You have travelled the world whisky testing, how would you compare the places you have been to with Kenya as far as your work is concerned?
In Kenya there is high energy, people party very hard here. The hospitality industry is really amazing.

Your experience as bartender?
I was a bartender for 15 years. It prepared me to understand various aspects of whiskies and clients preference. This is the knowledge I shared with several bartender I interacted with in Kenya during this visit.