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Global scare as Samsung accidentally sends users ‘Find My Phone’ notification

A notification that showed up on a number of Samsung Galaxy phones sent many users on panic mode.

Samsung Galaxy phone users worldwide were hit with the notification, which read only: “1, 1”.

The unusual wording and the app had many users believing that their phones had been compromised.

Many users were especially concerned because the notification came from the Find My Mobile app, which can be used for finding where in the world your phone is, as well as remotely erasing all of the data on it.

Many users though that their location may have been hacked into or their files exposed to hackers.

There was no indication of why the message had appeared or what users might have triggered by opening it.

Some users resorted to making inquiries on Samsung’s official Twitter handles what the notification was all about.

However, the company is yet to provide an official statement on this notification.