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Gloria Kyallo hires nanny to take care of her pet dogs

Gloria Kyallo, the younger sister of media personality Betty Kyallo, has recently revealed that she has hired a full-time nanny to look after her dogs.

In an interview, the reality TV star expressed her deep affection for her furry companions and considers them to be her own babies.

Gloria, 21, revealed that the mere thought of leaving her dogs alone and unattended in the house terrifies her.

“I do so much to take care of my puppies… like at the moment they are at home with the nanny. Yes, I got them a nanny because they are my babies and they need someone to take care of them,” she revealed at the launch of reality TV show Kyallo Kulture.

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The young entrepreneur went on to talk about her daily routine and the measures she takes to ensure the well-being of her beloved pets.

“I walk them every day in the morning and in the evening… I also feed them three times a day and make sure they’re always well looked after when I’m not around,” Gloria explained.

Gloria Kyallo is currently the proud owner of three dogs: Nala, Shaggi and Lulu.

These furry companions hold a special place in her heart and she has spared no expense in providing them with the care and attention they deserve.

Speaking at the launch of her sister’s salon two months ago, Gloria emphasised her devotion to her pups and brushed off criticism for referring to them as her babies.

“People should just leave me alone if I call my dogs my babies. I will call them what I want. They have not started school but they are living well,” she said confidently.

When asked about the financial commitment to caring for her dogs, Gloria shared her willingness to invest in their well-being.

“At least Ksh500 a day is okay for me to spoil them. I am working for them and my future family,” she explained, emphasising her commitment to providing the best for her furry companions.

Gloria said she spent at least Ksh 500 a day spoiling her dogs in March.

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