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Gloria Kyallo throws ‘puppy shower’ for expectant dog

Gloria Kyallo has set social media ablaze after she threw her dog ‘Lulu’ a lavish puppy shower, an event which she shared photos and videos on her Instagram.

A puppy shower is an event meant to celebrate a pregnant dog days before it delivers.

The event is widely celebrated by ladies and referred to as a baby shower.

Being one of a kind celebration, the TV sensation and social media influencer showered Lulu with love while announcing she was looking forward to an expanded family.

The youngest of the famous Kyallo sisters which include TV personality Betty also posted a myriad of photos on her Instagram feed and captioned them expressing her love for Lulu.

“The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating each and every blessing. I love this girl so much. She deserves this and more!! Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter,” she wrote.

In a recent interview following the launch of ‘Kyallo Kulture’, a reality show featuring Gloria and her sisters Betty and Mercy Kyallo, Gloria revealed she isn’t in a rush to get married despite having been gifted a ring by her boyfriend.

Gloria is reportedly dating a guy by the name of Ken Warui for almost 3 years now.

Speaking during the interview, Gloria, also a mental health advocate, suggests she is still too young to get married.

“I am not getting married before 35, I am still young. I don’t want to think of being with someone right now. I am gonna be with Ken as long as I am happy if happiness ends, I will leave,” said the TV star.

She added that her decision is something that her boyfriend is well aware of.

“I cannot force things. It would hurt but life must move on. We have never lied to each other, so when I say I don’t want to get married it is coming from my heart.”

Talking about her boyfriend, Gloria said he is the type of guy who bares the qualities she looks for in a man.