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GMO is witchcraft – Senator Ledama Olekina

By Wangu Kanuri January 10th, 2023 2 min read

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina has opined that genetically modified foods were witchcraft. The lawmaker who did not hide his disdain while explaining the effects of the foods strongly refuted GMOs.

Weighing in on the ongoing debate of the safety of the foods, Olekina said, “If you see everyone who has taken GMOs they are either swollen, others have added weight excessively, and look like pigs. Us Kenyans it is wise we remain the way we are as we do not have funds to treat cancer.”

Adding that there are so many disadvantages to the foods, Olekina said, “It is good to note that even scientists have warned about the use of GMOs saying that people who consume them will be allergic to everything.”

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However, during the presidential interview conducted last week, President William Ruto sought to reassure Kenyans that GMO foods are perfectly safe for consumption, dismissing recent claims made to the contrary by a section of rival political leaders.

This came after the Roots party leader Prof George Wajackoyah alleged that Kenyan men who consumed GMO products should develop breasts while women grow beards.

“Now you are being told about GMO…Mexico has refused the foods because they did research and nearly 500 men in Mexico developed breasts while women grew beards due to eating GMOs,” he said.

President Ruto, while affirming the benefits of the GMOs, dismissed the body changes effects, saying he is a scientist and a leader who could not jeopardize the lives of Kenyans.

Further stating that the fears against GMOs are unfounded since most of the food the country has been importing over the years has contained a little bit of it, Dr. Ruto shared, “The food that we have been importing all these years already has GMO, the one KEBS says it must be less than 1 per cent with which we pat 30/40 per cent more.”

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