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Go after the dynasties! – Kabando wa Kabando to President Ruto

Former Mukurweini Constituency lawmaker Kabando wa Kabando has urged President William Ruto not to relent on his tax evasion move, especially on the dynasties.

In a tweet, the politician cum activist said that the dynasties robbed Dedan Kimathi and the children of the Mau Mau Freedom Fighters of their inherent rights, endorsing a crackdown.

“President Ruto, You’ve our majority total support to make spoilt dynasties who robbed Dedan Kimathi Waciùri and children of Mau Mau Freedom Fighters of inherent rights. We’ve squatters in Nyeri as home guards, neocolonial agents, and betrayers who own millions of acres. Crash them!”


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Adding that despite declining his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket he was rendering his full support on him, Kabando tweeted, “Make Kenyattas, Mois, Multinationals, Comprador Beorgeoise, and Land grabbers feel the deep pinch, the justified pain. WOTE tulipe kodi! Rais Ruto, I declined your UDA ticket, but on this crackdown to end impunity even as you fail to see a log in UDA’s eye, you’ve mass support! Crack!”

His utterances come after President Ruto claimed opposition protest rallies were being financed by people he did not name but who, he said, were keen on evading payment of taxes.

“Even if they sponsor demonstrations so that they don’t pay tax, I want to promise them that they will pay tax. There are no more exemptions. This country is not an animal farm, where some are more equal than others. We are going to have a society where every citizen carries their fair share of our [tax] burden. I am not talking about additional taxes [but] taxes that have been agreed upon by Parliament and signed into law,” he said.

He would then be echoed by political leaders affiliated with Kenya Kwanza demanding former President Uhuru Kenyatta pay up the tax he had been evading when he was in power.

Additionally, some of the Azimio la Umoja leaders also urged that if a law was passed exempting the first family from payment of taxes, then it should be changed.

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