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Sonko tells off Kidero over billboards bearing his portrait

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has disowned billboards that have been erected in major city roads which bear his portrait and the Nairobi City County Government emblem.

City Hall had on Monday written a letter to Tangarine Investment Limited, the advertising company that erected the billboards, ordering it to pull them down for misuse of the official emblem of the county.

The letter also cited the fact the company had not submitted the billboard’s design to the county government for approval before going public as required by law.

City Hall gave the company 12 hours to pull down the billboards, failure to which it will do the job itself and bill the company for the work.

On Thursday however, Senator Sonko said he had no association with the advertising company and questioned why his name was mentioned in City Hall’s letter to the advertising company.

A billboard erected along one of the roads in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY
A billboard erected along one of the roads in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY

“I had not authorized the erection of billboards or the messages therein.  I had not even started my campaigns, but your letter has now provoked me to do so.

“The said company is strange to me; I have not contracted them to do any form of advertising on my behalf,” the Senator said in a letter to City Hall.

The Senator said he has a right to use the county’s emblem as the “popularly elected Senator of Nairobi City County.”

“The advertisements, messages and or depictions as stated, are a true reflection of the state of affairs of Nairobi City County where the leadership is so engrossed in corruption, nepotism, tribalism and land grabbing. The evils which am so deeply against and which I will continue fighting and exposing to seems to have been imported from Mumias Sugar Company to Nairobi City County,” said Senator Sonko.

He claimed City Hall’s letter was mischievous and malicious, and targeted his campaign for the office of the Governor in 2017 elections.