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GOAT wives win? Moment when Samidoh chose his wife over Karen Nyamu

By Wangu Kanuri December 18th, 2022 2 min read

A separate video from the Dubai fracas has emerged showing musician Samidoh choosing his wife Eddah Nderitu over his controversial baby mama Senator Karen Nyamu.

In the clip, Nyamu, the controversial lawmaker, is seen being led out of the nightclub by security as Samidoh hugs and consoles his wife Edday.

The 20-second clip, shows Nyamu being forced off the scene as Samidoh smiles, and even takes selfie with a fan.

Samidoh and his wife are seen to be holding each other tightly with Nyamu out of the way. Ms Nyamu has two kids with Samidoh but her entrance into his married life has been nothing but drama.

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In the latest incident that happened on Friday night in Dubai, Ms Nyamu caused a scene at Samidoh’s concert as she confronted the singer’s wife in an incident that was captured on a viral video.

The lawmaker has since gone live explained why she caused drama in Dubai blaming it on alcohol. She said she doesn’t know what happened and only woke up only to find herself trending on all social media platforms. She has now vowed to quit alcohol in 2023.

“I was drunk. Pray for me guys. If this love will make me look like a mad person, I need prayers aki,” she said.

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In separate incidents, Nyamu has claimed that Samidoh assaulted him and vandalised her phone. Nyamu has also publicly claimed to have indirectly supported her co-wife by helping her do business with government.

She has also accused Samidoh of lying he is single when they initially met Samidoh. She once apologised for all the controversy, claiming meeting and siring kids with Nyamu was a mistake.

Amid all the drama, there have been better times. Like when Samidoh showed up when Nyamu took her oath of office after she was nominated senator. On that occasion the singer even took pictures with the two children he has with Nyamu.

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