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‘God, hand Mary Lincoln a cloth,’ Bishop prays after naught photos leaked

On Monday, gospel artist Mary Lincoln visited Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) church in Kiambu County after her naughty photos were splashed online by feared blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga.

Embarrassed and repentant, Ms. Lincoln went to church to seek peace, forgiveness, and acceptance from the Christian fraternity.

The CFF’s Bishop Michael Wanderi prayed for Ms. Lincoln in an emotional session characterized by tears, speaking in tongues, and lamentations.

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Mary Lincoln
Gospel artiste Mary Lincoln

Nairobi News got a hold of the prayer the Bishop uttered for Ms. Lincoln, begging God to give Ms. Lincoln undergarments and other clothes to cover her nakedness.

“It is we, Lord, whose nudity was seen. We are the ones who were shamed. We shamed your name, God.  Have mercy on us as you are merciful. We cry on your throne of mercy…Have mercy on this woman (Mary Lincoln).

The Biblical woman who came to you as she risked getting lynched for her infidelity… Jesus, you directed the mobs that he among them who had not sinned to cast the first stone. Lord, we have cast many stones on her (Mary Lincoln) and stoned her. Forgive us and have mercy on us.

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♬ Njagirirwo Ni Mahinda – Mary Lincon

When you created the first man (Adam), he went ahead and sinned against you, ending up naked in that sin. But when you saw him, you did not laugh at him. Instead, you slaughtered (an animal) and handed him the skin as cloth to cover his nakedness. And you also handed the cloth to his wife to protect them from being seen by all.

Likewise, God, hand Mary Lincoln a cloth. I beg you God, please, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

The Bishop’s prayer went on to encourage the dejected Ms. Lincoln.

“God has sewn for you a cloth. Both a panty and an outer gown…No other time will the devil fight you again.”

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Day we’ll spent ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

♬ Kamuhari – Mary Lincon

The man of God then took Ms. Lincoln through a prayer of repentance.

“Say this after me: Lord Jesus, this date I renew my covenant with you…the covenant of being born again as we signed from the beginning. I renew it today, accept me and never forsake me so that I can serve you all my years. Amen”.

Ms. Lincoln was sobbing uncontrollably as she repeated the prayer.

Bishop Wanderi continues:

“God, we now bless this woman to take a new phase of life…the acceptable phase”.

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Am happy and I deserve to…..nii ndî wa Ngai

♬ I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton

The entire prayer session took 2:45 minutes.

Bishop Michael Wanderi also prayed for cleansing in the gospel industry after shadowy blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga vowed to expose scandalous stars who are not living up to their true Christian calling.

The bishop prayed for “the many tribulations in the gospel music industry…let the menace be cleansed in the name of Jesus and his blood that spilled at Calvary. Let that blood be of good tidings in this industry.”

He added, “There is no other fountain that can wash our sins. These servants [gospel artistes], my Lord serving you, eliminate shame from their lives. Have mercy on them. Lord, your name is true. If you were to keep a record of our sins and wrongs, none would have the boldness to stand in front of you.

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♬ original sound – Mary Lincon 🙏

In your name is repentance, and there is forgiveness”.

Also at the prayer session was Gospel artist Shiru wa GP who thanked Bishop Wanderi for receiving their downcast souls and embracing them with God’s understanding.

Encouraging her fellow gospel artiste, Shiru was GP advised Ms Lincoln, “You are now a new creation, now freed to go back and serve God.”

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