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God revealed to me my sister was going to die – Nyashinski’s wife Zia Bett

Kenyan entrepreneur and wife to singer Nyashinski Zipporah Bett alias Zia Bett has come out to share details about grieving her late sister Janet Bett. 

Two years after her loss, Zia has plucked up the courage to disclose a few details about the period right before her sister’s demise, saying that God had revealed to her in her dreams that her sister was not going to make it. 

Bett further noted that the dream was a way God was preparing her for the loss. 

“A week before Janet passed, God revealed to me that Janet is going to pass. I usually get spoken to in dreams, so God revealed to me that she was not going to make it,” Bett disclosed. 

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She revealed that she had mentally prepared herself for the loss to the point where she would mourn her even when she was still alive. 

“I remember feeling so guilty for mourning her when she was still alive. I remember going to the gym, and broke down, and then I asked myself why I was crying yet she was still alive. A week later, she passed,” she recalled.

Having lost her sister to Aplastic Anaemia, Bett recounted the times when Janet was healthy and doing quite well, saying that the illness came out of nowhere as she knew her sister to be one of the healthiest people she ever knew.

“For as long as I knew Janet, she was super healthy. She was always on one diet or another. She never went to hospitals, she had a healthy pregnancy. But all of a sudden she started feeling weak. This was around the time Covid happened,” she narrated. 

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The mother of two added that having been a time when Covid was at its peak, she downplayed her sister’s ailment, thinking it was just the virus and that she could easily get treated. 

“At the time she would tell me she was not feeling okay and I thought it was probably Covid, but after some tests, she was diagnosed with Aplastic anaemia. And at this point, we didn’t know what this was. Things got a bit complicated for the family because she now constantly required blood transfusions,” she said. 

She further opened up, saying that it was such a trying time for her and her family as they had to constantly seek financial aid to get her proper treatment. 

“It was a really trying time for the family because we had to do fundraisers and everybody had to do their best to help her. She had to go to India, and there she had to get a bone marrow transplant from one of her siblings in order to have a chance at living meaning it had to be a 100% match,” she added.

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