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GoFundMe page raises Sh1.2 billion for George Floyd in 7 days

A GoFundMe page opened by George Floyd’s brother has raised over Sh1.2 billion ($12 million) in a span of seven days.

Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers and his brother, Philonise Floyd, opened the GoFundMe last Friday.

His family is originally from Houston.

Philonise was hoping to raise Sh150 million, to be used to pay for the family’s considerable legal and travel expenses, as well as help support and educate his two daughters.

Philonise says that 100 percent of the money collected will go the family and it is being managed by a group of lawyers.

The Fund caught the attention of former US President Barack Obama and contributions spiked since he gave it a shout-out.

“Our hearts are overwhelmed!” Philonise Floyd wrote in reaction to the 300,000 donors who have contributed.

Other Funds have been set up raising millions of dollars.

The murder of Mr Floyd has led to demonstrations in the US.

His killers have already been fired from the police force and charged with murder.