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Going to the coast? Here are your must carry items

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 17th, 2016 2 min read

The quickest place that one can think of for a quick trip to enjoy the sun is probably Mombasa. The coastal city, best known as a tourist destination with its exotic beaches and dynamic culture, can leave one in a puzzle not knowing what to pack, especially if it’s their first time.

Here are a few suggestions on what should be in your suitcase:

1. Sunglasses – This is a must item, sunglasses will help shade your eyes from the scorching sun, giving you a cool look and at the same time hide your eye bags and blood shoot eyes that are a testimony to how you have been enjoying the night life and not getting enough sleep.


2. Camera – Forget your smart phone, have a nice decent camera that you will be able to capture memories of your trip. Mombasa is picturesque, and everyone enjoys professional high definition pictures to look at.


3. Sunscreen – A good sunscreen is also a must carry item. As much as we love the outdoors and a good tan there are severe consequences brought to our skin by direct UV rays from the sun, just ask your dermatologist. There is no need going back home with your skin peeling from the trip to the coast.

4. Sandals – Leave your heels and official shoes at home. The purpose of a vacation is to relax – your feet included. Sandals are ideal to walk through the grainy sand at the beach, besides short manicured nails on a feet always look good with a good sandal.


5. Light outfits – In Mombasa the only time it is cool is during the night, when there is the sea breeze. However, not all nights are cool. If you read the other article that I wrote on ‘how to spot a Nairobian in Mombasa’ then you would know that the quick giveaway is the over sweating. Light clothes are ideal since they allow your body to cool faster. So pack more and more light clothes.

6. Swimming costume – The beach is one of the places that one has to go to while at the coast. So remember to carry your swim wear or you will be left at the mercy of beach hawkers who also sell and ‘rent’ these items, which is always a hustle getting your size.