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Good news fellas, drinking beer actually makes you better in bed

It is football season and the Nairobi man is probably staying out more and drinking more than usual. Well, science has some good news for him.

That Nairobi man who loves his bottle will be pleased to know that beer makes him a better lover and in four different ways.

This is according to findings of a scientific research by British clinical sexologist and family and marriage therapist Dr Kat Van Kirk.

From her research, Dr Kat has found that beer gives men four different benefits beneath the sheets. Apparently, a couple of beers could be the solution to all your sex problems.


First, downing a few before the deed makes a man last longer during sex. This is because beer contains phytoestrogens which when flooded in the body work at delaying orgasm thus boosting his staying power.

A beer drinker is thus unlikely to suffer from premature ejaculation.

Beer can also act as an aphrodisiac, especially the darker beers. Dr Kat found that the darker beers contain higher levels of iron which improves blood flow to the penis. This puts a man easily in the mood and gives him a stronger, longer erection.

Getting easier, stronger erections is as easy as adding a couple of dark beers to your diet.

Beer can also improve a man’s general sexual health. Dr Kat found that moderate, regular beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from strokes or heart attacks.

Beer, it seems gives a man a stronger cardio endurance and a healthier heart. A strong cardio endurance equals a stronger sexual stamina. Add some exercise to the beer drinking and your woman will heartily thank you for it.

Finally, the probiotics and the Vitamin B that beers are packed with prevents a man from feeling sluggish underneath the sheets.


The two ingredients are good for digestion. As long as the mood is right, a beer drinker will need not worry about getting a stomach upset. The probiotics and the Vitamin B will also fortify your general health.

Dr Kat however cautions that in order for these benefits to be reaped, beer needs to be drank in moderation. Over indulging will take away all these benefits and may in fact hinder your sexual performance.

Dr Kat has published these findings in a book titled; The Married Solution: A realistic guide to saving your sex life.